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Flower Press

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The Slow Days traditional botanical / flower press! Flatten out flowers and leaves and let them dry!

We love these because they’re hand made, plastic free, built using premium materials to withstand the test of time, and we’ve even managed to re-use some recycled cardboard inside to support environmental sustainability that little bit more!

Simply place the flowers between the cardstock, tighten the easy screws and enjoy flattened specimens when you undo it in a few weeks (or days haha).

The flattened flora looks great on display or used to make cards and gift tags!

Quick Pressing tips
- There’s room to add more cardboard if you’d like to press more layers
- Line each layer with paper or tissue to help absorb moisture from your specimens.
- We recommend pressing between 2-4 weeks for the best colour retention
- Try not to peek while they’re pressing, starving them of oxygen will help to preserve them better


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